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What does your current image says about you? Do you need to update your Florida headshots with a professional photographer?

Your image matters more today than ever before. People are seeing you online before meeting you in person. Does your current headshot photo shows that you are confident, approachable and professional?   

Make a great first impression!
Stop using that cellphone photo and get a professional image that reflects who you are or who you want to be. 

Terry James photography is an award winning Florida Headshot Photographer ready to help you stand out from the competition with a brand new image that will reflect confidence, trust and professionalism.

We want you to feel relax knowing that with our coaching before and after the session we will get the best image of you! 

Our studio is located in Port St Lucie but we travel to your location to create custom headshot portraits for Corporations, Linkedin Profiles, Executive Profiles, Social Media, Actors, Real Estate Agents and Personal Branding.

Our goal as a Florida Headshot photographer is to provide you with the best customer experience and headshot photos that you love.

Florida Headshot Photographer

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Beach & Travel lovers, Terry is obsessed with pizza & Jaclyn with Nachos

In 2013 we decided to start Terry James Photography, Terry and I left our full time jobs to pursue our photography and cinematography passion full time. Since then we have managed to keep raising the bar with photography and cinematography and grew our business significantly winning multiple awards every single year. 

We offer an experience that will no only produce astounding photographs for you, but will show that unique you that represents your brand to others. We want you to have peace of mind that we will create images that are artistic, creative, and most importantly, representative of you

Although we have a Port St Lucie studio, we are happy to travel should you need our services elsewhere. We offer both headshots and portraits sessions.

We are based in South Florida but travel to all US destinations and worldwide. 


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Professional Headshots don't have to be boring!

What is a Professional Headshot Photo?

A photo is worth a thousand words so a professional headshot photo will describe you as a credible, confident and professional person.

What you wear, how you are posed and your facial expression will drive people to connect online, do business with or hire you.  This is something that we help you with when you come to our studio and something you don't need to worry about.

Some of the benefits of having a professional photo are:
      Improve your brand image
      Help you stand out from the competition
      Represent your company or business
      Attract clients and win their trust


2 Outfits
45 min session
Online gallery
7 Airbrush images
$20 additional photos



1 Outfit
30 min session
Online gallery
5 Airbrush images
$30 additional photos



1 Outfit
25 min session
Online gallery
3 Airbrush images
$35 additional photos



1 Outfit
15 min session
Online gallery
1 Airbrush image
$50 additional photos


Professional Headshots For Business Owners, Entreprenuers, Social Media, Corporate Executives, Realtors, Speakers, Authors, Actors, Job Hunters, Television, News, Speaking Events.

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Your online image has become more important now than never before.
Pandemic or not, your image deserves to be a true representation of your branding. We are here to help you. 

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